About Jtheakk


In Dec 2016, we brought a puppy home and named her J. Shortly, we set up an instagram account for her. It was a platform to share pictures and videos of how mischievous she got but it also turn into a space where friends were made.

Being first time pup-owners, we learn as it goes. We had to google J’s breed & prep ourselves on what to expect. J is registered as an Alaskan Klee Kai (AKK). However, what is she exactly? Kinda like a mini husky. Long story short, she’s a mix of different breeds. As she matures,  she’s sized between a husky and AKK. Not to small & not too big.

To summarise J’s personality in 5 points – She’s highly food motivated. Enjoyscompany. Can be whinny when impatient. Loves playing. Not forgetting, very fluffy.

Thanks for checking this blog out & we hope you’ll enjoy the posts!


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