Droolb – Top 3 Chew+


lrg_dsc02148-e1519137429724.jpegEating is one of J’s favourite time of the day. I’m sure it’s the favourite activity for many dogs as well. Being one of Droolb’s ambassador, we get to try their wide range of treats flown in from Aussie, New Zealand and USA. Today I’ll be recommending 3 top chews from Droolb that’s worth trying. Just in case a flash sales every pops up again.

1.Beef Bully Stick (Thick)*
If you every need to occupy your pup, this is a chew you can consider. Highly recommended for aggressive chewers. Personally, this was one of the first items I purchased from Droolb which got me impressed. In the past, bully sticks didn’t leave a good impression on me. Cause they stink so bad! Droolb’s bully sticks smells tolerable & they do air-seal these sticks individually.
Origin: Aussie
Price: $14.90 for 2pcs

2.Shark Cartilage*
When J eats this, it’s like prawn crackers to her. Droolb’s recent batch of thick cartilage got an upgrade & J still tackles it like a pro. She’s done with one in less than 10mins. Shark cartilage has a slightly fishy scent & it varies depending on batches. This chew also acts as a supplement. Shark cartilage is known to be pack with glucosamine which is good for the joints.
Origin: Aussie (Sustainabily sourced)
Price: $22.90 for 5 sticks or more

3.Curly Beef Bully Sticks
Once in awhile, J gets something fun. A curly “fry” (doesn’t it remind you of twister fries?). It’s quite entertaining to see her tackle the curls in this chew. It is slightly pricy but I love how this chew is so mildly scented.
Origin: USA
Price: $14.90 for 1 pc

*Thin alternative available. 

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