March Favourites

This month favourites is all about JERKY! Single-ingredient treats are a great choice when you would like to keep your pup occupied or as a training treat.

Below are our top 3 favourites this month. They are both appetising to J and appealing to us. Why so? Read on…

1) Wholesome Paws – Pork jerky


This is by most our favourite local treat store! We knew they made yummy goodies but how yummy exactly? Well, we were so surprised when we open this bag of pork jerky. It smells SO-DARN-GOOD. Take our word for it, get a bag & take a sniff. You wouldn’t regret it.

Price: $16/100g

Ps. They make amazing meatzza, must-try!

2) Loyalty Pet Treats – Kangaroo steak

Just a few months back, LPT launched in Singapore. They are based in Australia & treats are dehydrated using a patented technology. To our surprise, this kangaroo steak barely smells gamey! This is the first roo meat that we’ve encountered that doesn’t stink. Despite smelling less gamey, this steaky-treat is a hit with J!

Price: $15.80/50g

3) Droolb – Beef jerky

You can never go wrong with Aussie beef. This is a quick chew to keep J occupied for a short period of time. I like how lean it is, making it a good mid day snack. It is also harder than it looks, so if you pup is up for a challenge, give this a go!

Price: $14.90/80g

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